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It's not all about bikes

If all you see of Half Light is FB and Insta, it would be reasonable to think that all I shoot is bikes but misleading 'cos I shoot a lot of other stuff but have always been reluctant to post non-bike photos cos I figure most people watch Half Light for bikes and bikes alone. If you check out the Smugmug galleries you'll see that there's a lot more than just bikes.

Here's the thing, my background is wildlife photography and I was doing that for a good 6 years before I started to focus (no pun intended) on bikes. I love having the opportunity to get back to those roots and shoot a few frames of animals, wild or otherwise. Which brings us to Winterfest...

This weekend, Winterfest comes to Sydney. If you've never heard of Winterfest, it's a Medieval themed Fayre with very dedicated re-enactors dressing and living like medieval folk for a couple of days. What I really like about the Fayre is that there will be a falconry display and that gives me a chance to take a few portraits of local birds of prey.

One of the regulars at Fayres like Winterfest is Jade Dickinson (@birdsjade on Insta) and Zorro the wedge-tailed eagle. They're a hell of a team. Hopefully they're both at Richmond for Winterfest this weekend.

Jade and Zorro

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