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Starting to write occasional blog posts, even if no one's actually aware that I'm doing it yet, is just part of me trying to get all of my online ducks lined up. Half Light started on Facebook, an Insta account followed a while later - although I didn't really start using it in anger until a year or so ago - and this here website appeared somewhere along the line to pull things together. And then there's my SmugMug site where I host all the photos which predates the existence of Half Light by a couple of years.

But here's the thing, it takes time to keep them all lined and consistent and I really let this website and the SmugMug pages slide. OK all the bike stuff was regularly updated on SmugMug but the other photos, wildlife, transport, people hadn't been refreshed in ages. But right now I'm trying to fix that up. I've cleaned up this website, I know it doesn't have much content right here but it'll get you to where the (occasionally) good stuff is. It only took a couple of hours to fix that up but SmugMug is a whole different ball of wax, it's going to take me a while to clean it out, fix up the folder and gallery structure and then upload some new content.

Is it fun? No. Is it time consuming and painful? Yes. But hopefully it'll be worth it. Then all I've gotta do is make sure I KEEP it updated. We'll see !

You can find me on SmugMug at

Me on SmugMug...

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