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MotoGP at it's best

Looking forward to seeing some of the photos from the MotoGP race at Assen ‘cos that was one of the best races most of us will ever see. As a photographer, it’s always a challenge to capture the dynamic of a complete race in a handful of photos. Marquez’s winning time was a little over 41 minutes; a good photo with a decent bit of movement in it would be taken at maybe 1/400sec. Do the math – I keep ending up with zeroes where I don’t expect them – but whichever way you look at it, you gotta take your hats off to the shooters who can put up a still photo and have a reasonable claim to be encapsulating the whole damned race, or even a chunk of it.

Phillip Island MotoGP 2017 was the first time I managed to score media accreditation for the top class and whilst the weekend threw up a few unexpected challenges, I still had a ball and got to see a fabulous battle at the pointy end even if it wasn’t quite as manic as Assen. I don’t think that I can claim to have got a shot that told the whole story but I kinda liked a couple I got of Zarco trying to hunt down Rossi between Siberia and Hayshed.

Rossi and Zarco duke it out...

The big local bike action this weekend was ASBK Round 4 up at Hidden Valley. I wasn’t there, the cost, a cranky knee and other commitments kept me down in Sydney. Bayliss scored his first race win of the season and it sucked big time not to be part of that after shooting for him at a private practice day a few weeks back.

Bayliss on it

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